Brand New Capsule Design -open back nespresso compatible capsule

Brand New Capsule Design

IMPROVED COMPATIBILITY: Now compatible with ALL Nespresso® machines (including Nespresso U® and Inissia®)

open back nespresso compatible capsule

Introducing the brand new Capsule Design from Nespresso® compatible capsule of its kind nationwide. The new premium open back capsule is a Nespresso® compatible capsule that was designed to give you optimum performance, just like an original Nespresso® capsule.

Why is the brand new capsule design necessary?

Not every Nespresso® machine is the same! Nespresso® continuously changes their newer machines in order to make it difficult for you to use compatible capsules. That is why we continuously improve the design of our alternatives to make them perform just like the original, but with the benefit of you saving 50% on your next coffee order with us. Our newest open back capsule design fits all Nespresso® machines, even the newer ones, such as the Nespresso® U and Nespresso® Inissia. We are not saying it is a must for you to get the brand new capsule design. It will however help with U® and Inissia Nespresso® machines, especially if you have experienced performance issues before.

What is the difference between the older and newer Nespresso® machines?

The older Nespresso® machines have sharp pins that puncture all capsules without a problem, even the compatible ones. On the newer machines, such as U® and Inissia®, Nespresso® used bent pins, that make it harder to pierce the plastic capsule. The solution is our new premium open back capsule that eliminates the piercing process. This means there is less pressure build-up required, and it creates a better infusion with the coffee.

New Design – Same Great Taste

For now, the new PREMIUM CAPSULE IS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR OUR SIGNATURE RANGE and Specials which include our Signature Range capsules including

  • Dark Roast
  • Medium Roast
  • Mild Roast
  • Lungo
  • Decaffe
  • Variety Pack
  • Variety Pack excluding Decaffe
  • Bulk Special 100 and 200

All of these products can be found here

nespresso compatible coffee capsules signature range

Improved Performance

perforation nespresso compatible open back coffee capsuleThe new open back capsule is pre-perforated on the back, acting as a diffuser, so it removes the need for the machine to puncture the capsule. This has the following benefits:

  • Better extraction and flow of coffee

Because it is acting like a diffuser, the water goes directly into the back of the capsule, reaching all of the coffee inside. That ensures optimum extraction and improves the flow of the coffee.

  • No more water leakage, just pure coffee in your cup

The capsule has an improved seal design and less pressure build-up due to the pre-perforation on the back. This makes it easier for the water to be pushed into the capsule.

  • No more squashed, deformed capsules

The pre-perforation makes it easier for the water to penetrate through the capsule, instead of applying pressure to the outside of the capsule, which in previous cases may have led to deformation (squashed appearance of capsule).

Improved Packaging

The capsules are nitrogen flushed, packed in barrier pouches of 5, which can keep the coffee fresh if unopened for up to 2 years, giving the capsules an exceptionally long shelf life.

IMPORTANT: For optimum freshness, you should only open individual pouches once ready for consumption.

Improved Compatibility

The premium open back capsule is 100% compatible with ALL Nespresso® machines including but not limited to

  • Nespresso® U and U Milk®
  • Nespresso® Inissia
  • Nespresso® Pixie and Pixie Clips®
  • Nespresso® Lattissima, Lattissima Touch®, Lattissima Pro®
  • Nespresso® Essenza
  • Nespresso® CitiZ
  • Nespresso® Le Cube

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