Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What water should I use to run the coffee machine?
Fill up the water tank only with COLD water. We recommend using filtered or bottled water to keep the flavours of the coffee pure and free from contaminants.

Why does my coffee machine take so long to pour the coffee?
A normal Espresso shot takes usually about 20 seconds. If your machine takes longer than that, the set up might be wrong. Make sure you don´t push too much water through the capsule. Rather eject the capsule first and then add a single shot of hot water by pressing the button when there is no capsule inside.

For Nespresso ® machine owners

Is the coffee capsule safe to use in my Nepresso ® machine?
The coffee capsule is specifically designed for Nespresso ® machines  and will not damage your Nespresso ® coffee machine. It might feel marginally harder to close the lever, this is to ensure correct sealing and seating of the plastic coffee capsule. See more under Machine Compatibility.

Will the coffee capsule work in my Nespresso ® machine?
We are continuously striving to ensure that our capsules work in all Nespresso ® machines. Read more about the Machine Compatibility here.

What is the Nespresso ® compatible coffee capsule made of?
Our coffee capsules are made from medical grade polypropylene which is safe for food products. Our manufacturer produces the coffee capsules in a FDA approved environment. Everything is made in South Africa. Some of our coffee capsule products are kosher and halal.

Are the the Nespresso ® compatible coffee capsules free of BHP and BPA?
Yes, the capsules are free of BHP and BPA.

Can I use a coffee capsule more than once?

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