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Get a FREE gift with every order placed in January on!

Yes, you heard right! We are adding a FREE GIFT to EVERY order for the whole month of January. It is a very handy gift too, especially for this time of year.

We are sure that your coffee machine has been working hard over the holidays, trying to keep up with all the family and friends it had to brew for. Guess what, our gift will make sure that you can start the new year fresh, we are giving you a magical fix for your beloved coffee machine to restore it to former glory.

Depending on your machine type, you will get

  • One Caffenu cleaning capsule OR
  • One Caffenu cleaning tablet

The cleaning capsule works wonders in getting all the old coffee oils, bacteria and tannins out of the brew chamber, nozzle and spout of your coffee machine. Trust us when we say, you need this product. Your coffee will taste better, and flow much better, and your machine will be thankful too!

The cleaning tablet removes dirty oils, residue and bitter tanins out of brew units and filters. Ideal if there is no cleaning capsule available for your system, for example for bean to cup machines.

All we can say is, don’t miss out! Only available while stocks last so get your order in today at

Happy 2019! We are excited for all the delicious coffee to come. Hmmm, just imagine that smell of freshly brewed, steaming hot coffee! Feels like a holiday all over again.

Terms and Conditions:

The Promotion ends on the 31st of January 2019 or earlier if stock runs out. The entrants agree to the rules set out below:

  1. Promotion freebies/give-aways cannot be redeemed for cash.
  2. Spend any amount during January on in order to receive a free gift with your purchase.
  3. The type of gift you receive is chosen by the Team at Coffee capsules direct: it is either 1 singular Caffenu cleaning capsule (if available for your coffee system) or 1 singular Caffenu cleaning tablet..
  4. Give-aways will be added to the orders before dispatch while stocks last.
  5. The closing date of the promotion is the 31st of January 2019, or earlier if stock is depleted and Coffee Capsules Direct reserves the right to amend the promotion end date at any time.